In collaboration with Ciro Dimson
Role: Designer
Location:  White Salmon, WA
Status: Unbuilt (2016) 

Program: Single Family Residence
Project Area: 3254 sq.ft. 

The house sits on a crest and is a boolean of two intersecting bars. The siting of the house creates a low, windowless elevation on the north, at the approach, and opens up to two levels in the valley, on the south, with a windowed facade. Materials are left mono-chromatic on the exterior. Cladding includes wood cedar shingles and siding. Roof consists of black standing seam aluminum panels.

The north end of the diagonal bar creates an entry sequence, and the master bedroom on the south. The intersection creates the kitchen on the interior, the central common space of the house. The south facade opens up the valley. The kink in the plans allows for a longer facade for windows. The balcony of the second level provides a covered deck at the ground.




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